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    Packaged in vacuum 750 gr aprox. The cured beef has a very typical flavor and smell,  stronger that the ham, in addition, in case of the Cecina, with the smoked flavor typical one of his elaboration.

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    The typical chorizo Maragato with the same ingredients and quality in a three units format with an approximately weight of 300 gr. In London is common to see people eating sausage sandwiches with our chorizo Maragato in the Borough Market. 

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    Cecinas´s cream is a product that is having a great acceptance between the consumers who has tasted.Cured beef cream is combined with the best cured beef flavor and just a hint of smoked, with the convenience of  a cream ready to open and spread. Cecina cream has a characteristic flavor, making this product exclusive and different from all other brands in...

    3,50 €
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    Our pork loin is different from other because it is elaborated using exclusively selected pork loin, red pepper, salt, garlic and oregano, stuffed in natural casing, and a slow cure process

    9,15 €
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    Packaged in vacuum 470 gr. It is elaborated only and exclusively with lean pork, salt, red pepper, garlic and oregano and it is stuffed into a natural hog casing. This product is free of lactose and dextrose, which makes this product ideal on diets free of gluten and lactose. It is one of the most representative products of our region, which one has...

    4,95 €
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    Packaged in vacuum 200gr. Our Serrano Ham is made based on the best raw material and two points, no more salt than necessary, and slow and long periods of curing process. Our cured hams have a cure period about sixteen months. The presentation chosen in sliced facilitates quick tasting and plastic slking between slices facilitate their separation.

    3,50 €
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    100gr sliced package vacuum, our Iberian ham has elongated and stylized forms, has the color and aroma, unmistakable to any product derived from Iberian pigs. Its flavor is a clear demonstration of the Iberian race still stronger and drier than serrano. With a very good quality-to-price r

    7,90 €
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    Jar 540 gr High quality boiled vegetables. Indigenous product. We only pack vegetables from the area. Small chickpea, high quality for stews, tender and excellent for cooking.

    1,60 €
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    Sliced in vacuum 100gr.  This maroon red is obtained of natural way due to the quality of the raw materials,  so we do not use nitrificantes or additives that alter his color of artificial form. The cured beef has a very typical flavor and smell,  stronger that the ham, in addition, in case of the Cecina, with the smoked flavor typical one of his...

    4,50 €

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