About us

In 1977 Pablo and Angelines were inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit, with the opening of their butcher´s shop in the street Calle García Prieto,  with 3 employees and new facilities with a wide sales-area and an open work area, where the public could see them working.

It was in the basement of the butcher´s shop where the sausages elaboration started, with an artisanal way, to supply sausages and Cecina to the own butcher´s shop.  Facilities that soon became small due to the  increased demand of sausages and over all of Cecina, the top products of the company and was sent to the entire Spain.  

In 1985 they opened the charcuteríe in the street  Lorenzo Segura, which was the first gourmet shop in Astorga with imported cheeses, pates, meats, precooked products, and especially with a variety of meats, Iberian products, and of course Cecina.

A work well done, keeping the traditional elaboration of our products in spite of using edge technology, and the high quality in all our products, salted meats and the rest of meat  products, are essential to the success of the company and to maintain high standards in our products.

Cárnicas Pablo is currently consolidated in the national and international market (European Union) .

This consolidation is due to the influence of some factors, amongst which we remarks the high quality of our products and a careful homemade style elaboration, as well as develop promotion activities in national and international food fairs. 

With the challenge to improve ourselves in order to always satisfy our customer needs, through control of the entire production process, we have implemented a quality system that ensures that each product that reaches the consumer is in excellent condition and can be consumed with full confidence.


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