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Manufacturer: Cecinas Pablo

Condition: New


Packaged in vacuum 400 gr. The androlla is a semi-fresh sausage and cured but soft and  use when cooking in stews. 

Androlla Maragata is elaborated with leather loin and upper jaw meat, marinated and stuffed in natural casing. The main difference from the Botillo, is that Androlla Maragata has not bones.

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This  products is elaborated in the Monte Teleno foothills. Fresh and cold winds in this region "Tierras Maragatas" make possible the cure process of these traditional and delicious sausages

Cooking method: boil in water and cooking over a slow flame for approximately two hours. Thirty minutes before the meat is cooked, it is added up vegetables and potatoes for a good combination of flavors.

WeightSe envia envasado al vacio.
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