Chorizo for cooking - ROSCA- SWEET

Chorizo for cooking - ROSCA- SWEET

Our famous chorizo Maragato, stuffed into a natural hog casing and aired between 2 weeks.  The result is a high guality traditional product, ready in just a few minutes and keeps the entire flavour of our chorizo Maragato

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Consumption tips

To heat the product  in the microwave, we just introduce the package into microwave for 3 minutes without opening for 2-3 minutes at full power. During this time the package will be swollen and at the end it will be opened by itself with a noise. Finally, we have the product ready to open and enjoy it  

We recommend to cover with a plate, in order to prevent splashes

These products can also be cooked in a traditional way: stews, grill...

Generally the process takes the following steps:

  • Mincing and preparing the mass, choosing the best of the fresh lean pork and homemade marinated products.
  • Stuffing  always in natural casing
  • Drying and curing process. Slow curing process in our natural dryers and necessary periods in line of size and fat of the tripes.
  • During the curing process, the sausages are submitted to a slight smoked process 
envasado al vacío para conservar todas sus cualidades y prolongar su vida útil.
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