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Black pudding Matachana


Manufacturer: Morcilla de Matachana

Condition: New


Jar M Size

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This black pudding Morcilla was chosen because usually  the typical onion Morcillas from León are made very fresh, which can not guarantee the arrival in perfect conditions to the client. However, this manufacturer has introduced an innovative pasteurization process to present their traditional and typical Morcilla of the mountains from Leon with a shelf life of one year and also facilitates the  consumption by adapting to the amount which the consumer required at all times, only heat in the frying pan or in the microwave. Composed of up to 70% of the local variety of onion "Horcal" blood and lard, beef tallow, dry bread crumbs, salt, paprika and garlic from La Vera, keeps all the authentic taste of morcilla de León with no colors, though somewhat more consistent

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