Cured beef "Cecina" Cream JAR-130 GRS- UT

Cured beef "Cecina" Cream JAR-130 GRS- UT

Cecinas´s cream is a product that is having a great acceptance between the consumers who has tasted.Cured beef cream is combined with the best cured beef flavor and just a hint of smoked, with the convenience of  a cream ready to open and spread. Cecina cream has a characteristic flavor, making this product exclusive and different from all other brands in the market.

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We recommend to spread on toast bread, sandwiches or enriching numerous recipes.

Cecina cream is set in a 130 gr. glass jar,

Mezcla de cerdo y vacuno.
Sin gluten
informacion nutricional
Información nutricional por 100g:

Valor energético: 442.8 Kcal
Proteínas: 28,55 g
Hidratos de Carbono: 0 g
Grasas: 36 g
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