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Sweet figs Zoupeiros Prada


Manufacturer: Prada A Tope

Condition: New


Tarro.450 gr. Figs Zoupeiros of Corullon 1st category, water, sugar and lemon. It is recommended to eat alone or with ice cream. Also as an accompaniment to red meats.

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Surprising for his peculiar flavor and way of production. The figs that we use are called of " dry anus " or "zoupeiros" being this definition the one that is used in Corullón from always. The figs are taken being still green, between the second fortnight of May up to 15 or On June 20, depending on that the crop goes more or less anticipated... First they prick themselves with a needle of steel for five or six sites, leaving them one day in water, which will change three or four times in order that the bitterness of the green one is removing itself them, apart from remaining washed. Later they are cooked in water during fifteen minutes, and once cooked they done again in cold water, her changing two or three times. Concluído this process slips well in order that they do not still have water inside, and

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