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Roasted sweet pepper Prada

Prada A Tope
Jar 300gr  Whole roasted peppers from El Bierzo 1st category, natural lemon juice. They are ideal for lunch just adding a little of salt and olive oil, also you can accompany our lacon or stews and salads with anchovies

Chestnuts in syrup Prada

Prada A Tope
Jar 400gr  They are ideal to eat alone or with ice cream or chocolate and lemon mousse  to decorate desserts.

Sweet figs Zoupeiros Prada

Prada A Tope
Tarro.450 gr. Figs Zoupeiros of Corullon 1st category, water, sugar and lemon. It is recommended to eat alone or with ice cream. Also as an accompaniment to red meats.
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