Chestnuts in syrup Prada

Chestnuts in syrup Prada

Jar 400gr  They are ideal to eat alone or with ice cream or chocolate and lemon mousse  to decorate desserts.

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Authentic delicatessen. Our Pride!!. The raw material that we use are chestnuts of the variety "Wall" that always gave reputation to the chestnuts of El Bierzo. We always use them to do our elaborations. We buy the farmers of the region them, demanding a very good selection. Certainly, like counterpart, we pay always to the rise with regard to the price of the market. It never gave us we nor are afraid to pay well the raw material because to the end and at last what counts for us is the final result. Once already selected in our workshop we leave them two days in soaking, we they take one from one the exterior skin, make them bare another day in water in order that it softens the interior skin, give them a rapid boiling in a container with 20 ó 30 units 

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