Cherry with liquor Prada 330gr Jar

Cherry with liquor Prada 330gr Jar

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We continue elaborating them likethis from the year 72. We always pack cherries of the variety " French or Napoleon ", that was the one that characterized the well-deserved well reputation of the cherries of the Bierzo. We buy the best, selected, pay it always more than what it quotes on the market normal on the other hand!. Once it is weighed, they wash up with abundant water, and they the tail cuts one to one to hand, they are selected and are beginning in the jars of crystal, which before have to contain the natural ingredients: sugar, cinnamon, coffee, mint and starry anise. Once the jar is filled, until it should overflow, unmatured brandy of 50 º, and finally we cover it. We must leave them in rest in the own jar during a time not lower than one year. In this time of maceration it is when 

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