Pepper jam Prada

Pepper jam Prada

Jar 200gr

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Jam elaborated using peppers of El BIERZO peeled by hand. Always the raw material is from our Region The Bierzo. They are roasted directly in a sheet by fuelwood in order that this way they support all his essence and acquire simultaneously the smell and flavor that gives them the direct contact with the fuelwood on having burned. Later we peel them in dry without any contact neither with water nor chemical substance. Once peeled and crushed they fill " To Ceiling " the jars of crystal in order that air does not stay in the interior, and we add him to every jar a bit of sugar and squeezed lemon. The jar is closed and already, finally, they are cooked to the bain-marie. Not that to say has that the whole process, it is handmade, since always it was done in Prada to Ceiling. We make it equal, only that we take care to the maximum of the cleanliness and the health. We believe that nature

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