Beef sausage

Beef sausage

Chorizo sarta elaborated in natural tripe, the best selected beef meat and slightly smoked. It is package in vacuum with an aproximately weight of 400 gr. 

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Generally the process takes the following steps:

  • Mincing and preparing the mass, choosing the best of the fresh lean pork and homemade marinated products.
  • Stuffing  always in natural casing
  • Drying and curing process. Slow curing process in our natural dryers and necessary periods in line of size and fat of the tripes.
  • During the curing process, the sausages are submitted to a slight smoked process 
La longaniza de vacuno se presenta individualmente envasada al vacío para una mayor vida útil y mejor conservación.
Sin gluten
Producto de vacuno
Producto para dieta
Producto natural
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