Maragato Pork Loin - Taco

Maragato Pork Loin - Taco

Our pork loin is different from other because it is elaborated using exclusively selected pork loin, red pepper, salt, garlic and oregano, stuffed in natural casing, and a slow cure process

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Our Lomo Maragato is a white cured pork loin cured, with the smoke flavour of oak and stuffed into natural casing. Its compact consistency, taste the pepper, and smoked light make this product a delicacy that has been awarded the UK Great Taste Award. At first glance differs from the loins in artificial sausage casings for its diameter and shape, but especially  on the palate. It is packaged in vacuum for shipping customer. It is recommended in this case open at least half an hour before trying to take all its flavor. 

Se envia envasado al vacio.
Producto de cerdo
Sin gluten
Producto para dieta
Producto natural
informacion nutricional
Información nutricional por 100g:
Valor energético: 299.3 Kcal
Proteínas: 37.95 g
Hidratos de Carbono: 0.2 g
Grasas: 16.3g

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