Cured beef "Cecina" Sliced -150 GRS.- UT

Cured beef "Cecina" Sliced -150 GRS.- UT

Sliced in vacuum 150gr. 

This maroon red is obtained of natural way due to the quality of the raw materials,  so we do not use nitrificantes or additives that alter his color of artificial form. The cured beef has a very typical flavor and smell,  stronger that the ham, in addition, in case of the Cecina, with the smoked flavor typical one of his elaboration.

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It is recommended to eat alone or mixed with a few drops of olive oil. You can also use it as an accompaniment for salads, toast, or for canutillos with foie gras, tomato jam and goat cheese.

For packed sliced it is recommended to soak it on a warm water a couple of minutes to make easy the opening.

For a better comsumption, we include a separator film which allow the customer a soft and great slice in one piece, and it facilitates the fat fusión ir order to obtain the best of the smell and taste. 

Sin lactosa
Sin gluten
Producto de vacuno
Producto para dieta
Producto natural
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