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Cured beef "Cecina" (1/2 Stifle)


Manufacturer: Cecinas Pablo

Condition: New


2,7Kgs aprox. This characteristic cured meat which is typical from Astorgat is obtained from the best parts of the somked-cured beef. Our Cecina has been awarded in the UK with the prize "Great Taste Award" GOLD in 2016 with the aim of recognizing the quality and flavor 

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It is recommended to eat alone or mixed with a few drops of olive oil. You can also use it as an accompaniment for salads, toast, or for canutillos with foie gras, tomato jam and goat cheese.

For a better enjoyment it is recommended to keep out at room temperature for some minutes before consumption, putting the smoked cure beef over a hot plate in order to obtain the best of the smell and taste.

WeightSe presenta en formato de medias piezas envasadas al vacío, para permitir una larga vida útil y mejor conservación. Peso aproximado de 2.7kg.
informacion nutricionalNuestra cecina está caracterizada por un bajo contenido en sal y grasa y un alto contenido en proteínas de gran valor biológico y vitaminas del grupo B.

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59,90 €

22,19 € per Kg.