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Estuche de Lengua loncheada al vinagre de Modena View larger
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Beef tongue with Modena Vinegar.

Manufacturer: Astorgourmet

Condition: New


Beef tongue, cured and cooked , sliced ​​and with Modena vinegar. Ready to open, heat and add a little bit olive oil.

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The beef tongue in its preparation is cured and marinated with paprika and then cooked. It is essential to peel it completely before cooking it in order to avoid hardness. A very tender and tasty sausage is thus obtained. It can be consumed in very thin slices, with a bit of olive oil and Modena vinegar, as if it were a carpaccio or used to prepare more elaborate dishes. It combines very well with sweet Asian sauces.

We follow the same process as for our cured beef tongue, a traditional marinade and cure and finally we roast and peel them, being ready to be tasted.

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4,90 €

53,90 € per Kg.